Abhinav Jindal
IIT Ropar
Computer Science and Engineering

Dhanush Somalapura Ravikumar
IIT Patna
Computer Science and Engineering

What kind of project are you implementing?


My project consists of predicting the event cancel probability using the previous one and a half years’ data so that the more successful events can be listed on top making it easier for the customers to select the best events available for them and reducing the repayment difficulties to both the consumers and company.


I am working on the matching app, “CoupLink”. I am working on both front end and back end of the web application in improving/adding new features and fixing bugs.

State from the first day to about two weeks.


My first week was basically spent observing the data and finding required patterns and features as that is one of the most important aspects of data science and then in following week started with some basic algorithms. Currently implementing some advanced algorithms for better performance.


In the first week I went through the existing project directory and understood the project and its working mechanism. Then in the second week I started with small bug fixes and then I wrote some unit tests for existing source code.

What to expect for 2 months?


I think after the internship this project should be completed with some pretty good scores and hopefully, Linkbal uses this and it may prove beneficial to the consumers as well.


I expect to make the application better than what it was before when I came. I wish to implement useful features that will make into the final release.


Thank you, guys!